This school year is flying by! We are already in week 8, and we have a lot going on.


6th Grade just finished reading Schooled, but we are not done yet. We will be doing some close reading to identify character traits. We will be exploring diversity and uniqueness in other text.  Then, we will be making I AM posters to celebrate each student in their diverse and unique ways.

In 7th Grade, we are still making our way through Fish in a Tree. We are still learning so much about Ally Knickerson.  As we explore, 7th graders are doing self-reflections about some of the issues they encounter in the novel. 7th grade will also create I AM posters.

8th Graders are working their way through the many wonders of Wonder. We are uncovering Mr. Browne’s precepts and learning how to choose kind. 8th grade will also create I AM posters.

Across middle school, we are learning how to use descriptive language in our writing. We are learning to write using bold and vivid language.

Get ready, get ready!

We are 2 weeks from the 8th grade fundraising diner. Please come out and join the 8th Grade class as we sponsor our Mexican Night Diner. We will have music, dancing, and great food.

Finally, Boosterthon FUNRUN this Thursday. Thank you all for your hardwork and getting pledges. We still have a few days to go. Keep pushing!!

Welcome to Week #8

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