Week of May 20 – 24

This week in Pre-K 1 we will:

1) Math–  Play math games as a group, with partners and independently.  Continue to work on math skills we learned this school year.

2) Leadership– Discuss why using Habit 4 is so important in Pre-K.  Look after different scenarios where students are not using Habit 4 and then look at photos of PK1 students using Habit 4 in school.  Talk about how much we have grown as leaders this school year!

3) Religion– Thank God for the gift of life.  Talk about how we celebrate birthdays – what kinds of things we do with our families and friends and why birthdays are special.

4) Jolly Phonics/Letter of the Week– Look at the letter “y” and the sound the letter makes.  Find words and things that start with the letter “y” and practice writing a lowercase “y”.

5) Science- Take a look at garbage vs.s recycling.  Play a game to decide what can and cannot be recycled.  Can they be recycled, reused, composted, or thrown in the garbage?  Talk about why recycling and reusing materials is important.