Week at a Glance September 9-13

What is PK3 learning this week:

Religion: This week we will continue Unit 1: God Made People. We will be focusing on Chapter 3: God Made My Friends. We will discuss why God made friends, how friends help one another and how to be a good friend. 

Everyday Math: This week we will focus on using songs as a way of recognizing numbers, using one to one correspondence with numbers and remembering to stop at the number we are counting up to and not continuing. 

Jolly Phonics: This week our letter of the week is Tt. We will be able to identify letter Tt, learn the sound and motion, and a chant to help us remember the sound for letter Tt. We will also complete various activities that will help us with letter recognition, and letter formation.

This is the chant for letter Tt:

When I watch the tennis game, 

/t/ /t/ /t/, 

/t/ /t/ /t/,

When I watch the tennis game, 

My head goes back and forth.

The motion for Tt is turning your head side to side while saying Tt sound. 

At home ask your child what the letter of the week is, its sound and motion. Ask your child to share the chant with you as well.

Second Step/Mindfulness: This week we will be focusing on the skill of self talk. We will review the Listening Rules which include eyes watching, ears listening, voices off, bodies calm. We will practice using our attentoscope to help us focus as well. We use self talk as a way to help us pay attention or focus better. Self talk is when we tell ourselves over and over quietly or in our heads what it is we want to do so we won’t get off task. 

Reader’s Workshop: This week we are learning about what reader’s read. Reading can be done using books, stories, poems, magazines, comics, but we also read environmental print as well. Students recognize signs on the street or restaurant names because they are memorized or they are familiar with them, but they are reading them as well. 

Writer’s Workshop: This week we will be connecting Religion with Writing Workshop. Students will hear a story about being a good friend, we will discuss the traits of a good friend and we will draw how are good friends to others. 

Science/Service Learning Project: We will be reading about animals and discussing which we may see at our field trip to the zoo. We will differentiate farm animals and wild animals as well.

 Leader in Me: We will be focusing on Habit 1: Be Proactive this week. What does it mean to be proactive and how can we be proactive at school and at home? We are in control of ourselves and we are in charge. We should always have a “can do” attitude. We will watch a Franklin Covey animated video about being proactive as well.

Week at a Glance Sept. 9-13

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