What is PK3 learning this week?

Religion: This week we will continue Unit 1: God Made People. We will be focusing on Chapter 4: God Made My Church Family. We will learn that God’s family are the members of the Church. We will talk about the different members of the church and how we all love Jesus. We will also talk about Jesus’ mother Mary and how she is like our mothers. We will share what our mothers do for us each day.

Everyday Math: This week we are working on patterns. We will explore manipulatives such as teddy bears, pattern blocks and unfix cubes. We will also create various patterns by size, color or shape. We will work on continuing and completing patterns as well.

Jolly Phonics: This week our letter of the week is Pp. We will be able to identify letter Pp, learn the sound and motion, and a chant to help us remember the sound for letter Pp. We will also complete various activities that will help us with letter recognition, and letter formation.

This is the chant for letter Ii:

Blow out the candles on the pink pig cake,

/p/ /p/ /p/ /p/ /p/ /p/,

Blow out the candles on the pink pig cake

/p/ /p/ /p/.

The motion for Pp is pretending your index finger is a candle and blowing it out with the /p/ sound.

At home ask your child what the letter of the week is, its sound and motion. Ask your child to share the chant with you as well.

Reader’s Workshop: This week we are learning about where readers read? We will discuss the characteristics of places where we like to read such as quiet, comfortable, peaceful. We will practice building our reading stamina by reading in our reading spots. We will also explore our school library and read books there as well. Our goal is to reach 5 minutes of reading one book on our own. We are learning strategies that allow us to keep the same book for a given time such as looking at the tiny details, using your finger to scan the page, creating your own story, and looking at the book more than once in case you missed something.

Writer’s Workshop: This week we will be focusing on who an illustrator is and their role in writing books. We will become illustrators by creating our drawings and describing what we drew. We will be reading the book Why are you so special? and we will draw and talk about why we are each special.

Leader In Me: We will continue to discuss our Habit of the Month, Habit 1: Be Proactive. We talked about being in charge of ourselves and how we control our own actions so we choose to have good or bad days. Now we will talk about ways that we can be and have been proactive at home or at school. We are proactive everyday by helping others, being a leader, making good choices and taking initiative.

Week at a Glance Sept 23-27

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