What are we learning this week?

Religion: This week we will continue Unit 2: God Made Holy Things. This week we will be focusing on God made the Bible. We will learn that the Bible is a holy book and God sent us messages through the Bible. The main message we read in the Bible is that God loves us.

Everyday Math: This week we will be learning rules for sorting just like those that are used to create patterns. The rules we are focusing on are color, size, and shape. We will go on a nature walk to collect leaves and sort them by 1 rule. We will also read a book about books and sort pumpkins by color green and orange.

Jolly Phonics: This week our letter of the week is Nn. We will be able to identify letter Nn, learn the sound and motion, and a chant to help us remember the sound for letters Nn. We will also complete various activities that will help us with letter recognition, and letter formation.

This is the chant for our letter of the week:

Hear the airplane,

/n/ /n/ /n/,

Hear the airplane,

/n/ /n/ /n/.

hear the airplane,

/n/ /n/ /n/,

making lots of noise.

The motion for Nn is stretching both arms to the side like an airplane and saying /n/ /n/ /n/,

At home ask your child what the letter of the week is, its sound and motion. Ask your child to share the chant with you as well.

Reader’s Workshop: This week we will be using schema to making connections when reading. We use schema and make connections by saying that reminds me of, I have schema for, I’m remembering, I can relate. When we read books we can relate to characters feelings, things that are happening or place or things we’ve seen or done.

Writer’s Workshop: We will continue making connections. We will read Bear Snores On and we will talk about when we have felt as tired as Bear in the story. We will connect Bear’s experience to our own. We have all had times when we’ve felt super tired most of the time after fun filled days.

Leader In Me: We will begin continue learning about Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. We will discuss what we want to be when we grow up. Students will draw what they would like to be when they grow up and they will share with the class.

Service Learning Project: Last week we created our community maps, we discussed what we see when we walk outside in our communities such as roads, buildings, cars, trees, railroads, signs etc. This week we will talk about the people who are helpful in our community. We will identify specific community helpers and talk a bit about what they do.

Week at a Glance Oct 7-11

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