What is PK3 learning this week?

Religion: This week we will continue Unit 2: God Made Holy Things. We will be learning that God Made Music. We will discuss how music is used to praise God. We can connect and speak to God through music. In church and during mass music is used to praise God. We will continue learning our song Jesus loves me.

Everyday Math: This week we will focus on number use. We will learn that numbers are used as addresses and how they are important in our school and outside. Our classroom has an address and it is 203 for our school. This help others like parents find our classroom easily. We will create our very own mailbox addresses. We will decorate them and then a friend will deliver a drawing to a given mailbox address, which will give students a hands on experience of looking for an address. 

Jolly Phonics: This week our letter of the week is Ee. We will be able to identify letter Tt, learn the sound and motion, and a chant to help us remember the sound for letter Ee. We will also complete various activities that will help us with letter recognition, and letter formation.

This is the chant for letter Ee:

Eggs in the pan /e/ /e/ /e/,

Eggs in the pan /e/ /e/ /e/, 

Eggs in the pan /e/ /e/ /e/,

Crack the egg like this /e/.

The motion for Ee is pretending to crack an egg open with both hands while saying Ee sound. 

At home ask your child what the letter of the week is, its sound and motion. Ask your child to share the chant with you as well.

Second Step/Mindfulness: This week we will be focusing on Identifying feelings. We will look into identifying when someone is happy. What does their facial expression look like when someone is happy. We will sing If You’re Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands. We will complete a writing activity to share when we’ve felt happy. 

Reader’s Workshop: This week we are learning about using schema and our knowledge of making connections to make text to self connections. We are connecting text to our own experiences, how we’ve felt, places we have been etc. 

Writer’s Workshop: This week we will be connecting Reader’s Workshop, we will read text and make a text to self connection. We will share our text to self connections with our classmates as well.

Service Learning Project: We were unable to get to our lesson last week due to meeting with our 3rd grade Faith buddies to complete our Halloween themed puppets together. This week we will be identifying community helpers and discussing what some of them do in our communities. This will give a scope on who they are and we are able to identify them when we see them in our communities or if we have seen them we know that they are an important part of our community.

Leader in Me: We will be focusing on Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. We will be reading Goob and the Bug Collecting Kit. We will talk about setting goals and how you have to take steps to reach your goals.

Week at a Glance Oct. 14-18

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