What is PK3 Learning this week?

Parents please be sure to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences this Thursday and Friday. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090848abac2ea2fb6-20192020

We are continuing our practices for our Nativity play that will take place Friday, December 13th at 9:30am. If your child is unable to attend or you are not able to provide a costume please let me know. 

Religion: This week we will be discussing Thanksgiving and how we are thankful to God for many of his gifts to us such as food, water, land, family. 

Everyday Math: This week we will be focusing on using 5 frames and 10 frames in order to use one to one correspondence when counting. We will learn how to play a game Cover All where students will work with a partner to roll a dice, count out the number of dots and place counters on the 10 frame according to that number the first student to fill their 10 frame wins.

Jolly Phonics: This week our letter of the week is Gg. We will be able to identify letter Gg, learn the sound and motion, and a chant to help us remember the sound for letter Gg. We will also complete various activities that will help us with letter recognition, and letter formation.

This is the chant for letter Gg:

The water gurgles,

Down the drain.

The water gurgles, 

Down the drain.

The water gurgles, 

Down the drain

With a /g/ /g/ /g/ /g/ /g/.

The motion for Gg is sprial hand down, as if water going down the drain, and say g g g. 

At home ask your child what the letter of the week is, its sound and motion. Ask your child to share the chant with you as well.

Second Step: We are continuing our Unit on feelings and identifying feelings based on facial expression and body language. We are also discussing how to use our words to share with others how we are feelings.

Service Learning Project: This week we will continue to learn about Doctors. We will discuss their role in the community and what they do to help people in the community. We will create doctor hats as well.

Week at a Glance November 18-22

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