The 13 Colonies

In Social Studies, we our completing our unit on Colonial America with learning the original 13 colonies. The original 13 colonies were our nation’s first states. In this activity, we divided the colonies into 3 regions; New England Colonies, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies. We cut each region and then glued them back together to form the shape of our nation’s eastern coast. By learning the geographic location of each state, students will be well prepared for their 50 state test in 4th grade!

The Importance of Reading Directions!

3rd grade learned a valuable lesson today! Teachers have a very familiar phrase we say on a daily basis, “Read the directions carefully!” It is very common for students to skip the directions and start working to get the assignment done faster. Students often ask questions that are clearly answered in the directions.

So as a lesson to instill the importance of reading directions, students took a unique “test.” The test’s directions stated “Read all the questions first before doing anything.” There were 15 questions. #15 stated: Only complete #1 and #2! All the students did the entire test! I let them know it was not a real test and they were not getting graded on it, but they learned a valuable lesson!

Persuasive Writing

In Unit 3 of our writing workshop, we are working on writing persuasive speeches. Students were tasked to brainstorm ideas that would improve our school-day. After a making a bullet-point list, and following a mini-anchor chart, they then had to decide which idea they could support the most by providing details on how it would improve our day. Students are still working on this lesson but when they are complete, they will share it with the class “speech style!”

Some ideas they came up with: Food Friday, Technology Week, Freaky Friday. Category Dress Down week, and more!

Service Learning Project

I am very excited to announce our Service Learning Project for this school year. Every year, each grade level focuses on a service project to learn and support throughout the year. The Service Learning Project (SLP) is part of our Love WIG. WIGs are Wildly Important Goals each student focuses on throughout the year and is part of our Leader in Me program.

This year, 3rd – 5th grade will support the Sheldrake Wildlife Trust by adopting an Elephant!

The Sheldrake Wildlife Trust are best known for their work with elephants, operating the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. Our very own Ms. Riley in 4th Grade visited Kenya and saw first-hand how adoptive and foster parents’ contributions helped these beautiful animals.

3rd will have to raise just $50 to adopt our elephant. That is $4 – $5 a student. Please consider donating. Monetary donations can be given to me and we can begin the adoption process once we’ve reached our goal amount. Here is their website to explore more about this trust and make sure to look out for Ziwaldi, our elephant we have chosen to support!

Setting Goals

As a Leader in Me classroom, we used Quality Tools to reflect on our learning these first few weeks of school. Quality Tools are graphic organizers we use to organize data and set goals for the future.

In class, students reflected on the 1st trimester of school and completed a Plus/Delta chart. A Plus/Delta is a chart that we use to list positive outcomes and outcomes that need work and improvement. Using their completed plus/delta chart, students identified a goal that was most important to them and wrote a list of actions that will help them attain their goal.

Flashlight Reading!

Reading is fun itself but finding a variety of ways to read makes it even more fun! Students’ minds have a tendency to wander and sometimes get bored but today we practiced a fun way to read with flashlight reading! Students went to their silent reading spots with finger flashlight to read and were truly engaged. Wearing our pajamas made them feel right at home!

Halloween Writing!

For the past few days, students have been practicing their writing with Halloween prompts. With these prompts, students got to choose what they would write about. When we write what we enjoy or interested in, we learn to become more detailed in our work and have fun with it. Students had a great time writing their stories. We listened to Halloween music with no lyrics to inspire their writing, and when we were done, we shared our writing with our classmates!

Bible Text

In Religion, students have learned to use highlighters to remember important information and to review for tests and quizzes. They have also learned to look up bible verses. Today students worked in pairs and had a challenge to see how fast they could find the bible verse. They did great! If you have a bible at home, ask them to find Ezra 8:15-20…