Classroom News 10/21-10/25

Thursday, 10/24 is our field trip to Peggy Notebart Nature Museum. I will let you know how it goes in next week’s blog post!

In phonics, we have been focused on homophones: words that are said the same but have a different spelling and different meaning. We kicked it off learning some jokes. Students have enjoyed working with homophones and have started noticing them more during reading time. We are still working on troublemakers too, which are linked below.

Writing and reading has still been focused in nonfiction. We are reading more nonfiction books, scooping up those keywords to become experts on the topic ourselves and to read smoothly. We are focused on using the lingo. We are reading books across topics to put the knowledge together to know more. In writing, we are finishing up our all about books and trying our hand at how to books too. We will be finished up with our nonfiction focus in two weeks.

In math we wrapped up Unit 2 and are switching into Unit 3. We will be working more on subtraction and learning fact family triangles. We are now using our doubles and making 10 strategies to notice bigger teen numbers too.

Religion has been about forgiveness and celebrating God’s forgiveness this week. We are talking about Penance and Reconciliation.

We are wrapping up our What is a Community? unit in social studies. We will have a test on Friday, 10/25.

10/14-10/18 Classroom News

Lots has been happening in second grade last week and this coming week! Last week me met our new “student”, Gus, who will be helping us learn second grade phonics this year. Students are excited to have him with us.

We started our Social Studies unit on communities last week. This week we will be talking about why people live in communities, different characteristics of communities, and different types of communities. We will be wrapping up this unit soon.

In Religion, we completely finished Unit 1 and are now moving into Unit 2, chapter 5. We are starting to talk about how God gave us the decision to make good or bad choices. This will help guide our discussion for our First Reconciliation.

Math has been busy as well! We have been discussing addition strategies: making 10, doubles, and the turn-around. We have been further investigating even and odds and how doubles always add to even numbers. Lastly, we have talked about number collection boxes. We will be having a test Friday and a test on everything we have learned thus far next Tuesday.

Writing and reading have been focused in nonfiction- texts that teach. Students are writing nonfiction books on a topic they are experts in and using mentor texts to make sure they are including the text features these authors use in their writing. We have been using how we can preview nonfiction books using the front cover, back book blurb, and the table of contents to make predictions of what our stories will be teaching us. Students have enjoyed reading and writing nonfiction. We will be continuing to build these ideas this week and trying out mentor moves in our reading and writing- especially solving the lingo that is particular to our books.

We are now deep in our Phonics unit of study and students have been enjoying learning new knowledge and remembering our old knowledge. We have been very focused on studying “r” controlled vowels and strategies for how to read and write these words. We also learned about the school’s biggest troublemakers- a list of 9 snap words that we have to slow down when we are reading and writing.

This week we will be focusing on adding punctuation to our writing, homophones, and their vs. they’re vs. there.

9/30-10/4 Classroom News

We have been busy! Sorry I forgot to post last Sunday. The week before was a short week with no school on that Friday and I was out Tuesday. We wrapped up another Religion Chapter and our Unit 1 in math. We were busy last week as well!

Last week, we started our new phonics program. Now our phonics time is tied directly into what we are doing in reading and writing too. We reviewed what we learned in 1st grade, noticing phonics in words and tricky “e” at the end of a word that makes a vowel say its long sounds. Here are students above working with their phonics buddies to find tricky “e”. This week, we will be talking about new snap words for the year and “r” controlled vowels. Like “e”, “r” change change the sound of a vowel, as in words that end in -ir, -er-, or -ar. We will also be starting handwriting now that our handwriting books have arrived.

In math, we learned about the $1 and how ten $1s is the same as $10 and ten $10 is the same as $100. We practiced addition number stories, combinations of 10, doubles, and the making 10 strategy. Students will need to start remembering quickly doubles and combinations of 10. This week, we will focus on the near double strategy to solve addition problems and the turn around pattern, which many students are already familiar with. We will be completing our second open response problem too.

In science we have been discussing animals. Animals can be in different groups. They live in habitats. Animals grow through a life cycle and what they eat and what eats them is part of a food chain. We will be having a test on this Wednesday, October 2nd.

We have been busy in religion too. We have been learning about how saints are heroes and prayers we sing or speak at Church. We will have our chapter 4 test on Tuesday, October 1st and our unit 1 test on Thursday, October 3rd.

Reading has been picking up pace. We have learned strategies for solving tricky words in our reading so we can solve the words and grow as readers. This includes taking a word part by part, using phonics in a word, or using the picture/context of the story to help you solve the word. We will continue to build our toolbox with these strategies this week before moving on to nonfiction reading next week.

We officially wrapped and celebrated unit 1 of writing last week, celebrating by reading our stories to our 8th grade prayer buddies. Students edited and thought about our mentor texts to help write their small moment stories these past couple of weeks. This week, we will be starting to focus on nonfiction writing, writing a book on a topic we are experts in!

Students loved reading their stories to the 8th graders. It was so nice to spend time with them and have them give us tips to make our stories even better!

9/13-9/19 Classroom News

We have had a busy week and have a lot to do this week in the classroom!

Math: this past week we completed three explorations. You can see students working together to problem solve below. Explorations are completed each unit and allow for students to use a variety of materials and math tools to complete the activities.

This week, students will be having their first math unit assessment. Look for a study guide going home Monday for what students should focus on. We will also start talking about the dollar bill and doubles (2+2, 3+3, etc.).

Reading: We are wrapping up building our reading stamina. Students have been reading longer and more pages each day. We set goals for how many books we want to read by the end of September and by the end of second grade to help motivate us! We will be shifting our focus Tuesday to word solving strategies to solve tricky words in our reading and being the boss of our reading!

Writing: We will be finalizing our revisions for our small moment narratives this week. Students have been working hard to use the craft moves from authors we have been studying, Jane Yolen and Adam Rubin, and trying these moves in our writing. We will be celebrating our growth and hanging our final pieces in the hallway for all to see!

Religion: We finished talking about Baptism last week and how Baptism is the first sacrament we receive. Now, we are talking about saints and how they are heroes.

Science: We took our plant assessment last week and students learned so much! Our Lima experiment is turning out somewhat successful. 5 of the beans really started growing! We are writing down our observations and predictions daily. We will start learning about animals as well so we can compare the two groups of living things we have studied in a few weeks.

09/03-09/06 Classroom News

Hello! I am finally up and running on my blog. We are now 3 weeks into the school year. We have been working hard building our reading stamina and exercising our writing muscles. You can see students below working hard on their writing. We are working on small moment stories, using our mentor text “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen. We are studying the moves author Jane Yolen makes in her writing to bring her characters to life in our writing. We are also thinking about our reading as writers, noticing the moves authors make to get a reaction out of the reader. All of this after 14 days! Wow!

We have been focusing on plants in science. Today, we “planted” lima beans in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel. We will make observations over the next week of how our beans, hopefully, grow. Perhaps a picture next week will feature our successful lima bean plants!