We have had a busy week and have a lot to do this week in the classroom!

Math: this past week we completed three explorations. You can see students working together to problem solve below. Explorations are completed each unit and allow for students to use a variety of materials and math tools to complete the activities.

This week, students will be having their first math unit assessment. Look for a study guide going home Monday for what students should focus on. We will also start talking about the dollar bill and doubles (2+2, 3+3, etc.).

Reading: We are wrapping up building our reading stamina. Students have been reading longer and more pages each day. We set goals for how many books we want to read by the end of September and by the end of second grade to help motivate us! We will be shifting our focus Tuesday to word solving strategies to solve tricky words in our reading and being the boss of our reading!

Writing: We will be finalizing our revisions for our small moment narratives this week. Students have been working hard to use the craft moves from authors we have been studying, Jane Yolen and Adam Rubin, and trying these moves in our writing. We will be celebrating our growth and hanging our final pieces in the hallway for all to see!

Religion: We finished talking about Baptism last week and how Baptism is the first sacrament we receive. Now, we are talking about saints and how they are heroes.

Science: We took our plant assessment last week and students learned so much! Our Lima experiment is turning out somewhat successful. 5 of the beans really started growing! We are writing down our observations and predictions daily. We will start learning about animals as well so we can compare the two groups of living things we have studied in a few weeks.

9/13-9/19 Classroom News

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