Lots has been happening in second grade last week and this coming week! Last week me met our new “student”, Gus, who will be helping us learn second grade phonics this year. Students are excited to have him with us.

We started our Social Studies unit on communities last week. This week we will be talking about why people live in communities, different characteristics of communities, and different types of communities. We will be wrapping up this unit soon.

In Religion, we completely finished Unit 1 and are now moving into Unit 2, chapter 5. We are starting to talk about how God gave us the decision to make good or bad choices. This will help guide our discussion for our First Reconciliation.

Math has been busy as well! We have been discussing addition strategies: making 10, doubles, and the turn-around. We have been further investigating even and odds and how doubles always add to even numbers. Lastly, we have talked about number collection boxes. We will be having a test Friday and a test on everything we have learned thus far next Tuesday.

Writing and reading have been focused in nonfiction- texts that teach. Students are writing nonfiction books on a topic they are experts in and using mentor texts to make sure they are including the text features these authors use in their writing. We have been using how we can preview nonfiction books using the front cover, back book blurb, and the table of contents to make predictions of what our stories will be teaching us. Students have enjoyed reading and writing nonfiction. We will be continuing to build these ideas this week and trying out mentor moves in our reading and writing- especially solving the lingo that is particular to our books.

We are now deep in our Phonics unit of study and students have been enjoying learning new knowledge and remembering our old knowledge. We have been very focused on studying “r” controlled vowels and strategies for how to read and write these words. We also learned about the school’s biggest troublemakers- a list of 9 snap words that we have to slow down when we are reading and writing.

This week we will be focusing on adding punctuation to our writing, homophones, and their vs. they’re vs. there.

10/14-10/18 Classroom News

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