Week of September 9th

Thank you to everyone for attending Back to School Night. If you have any questions please reach out.

This Week in Kindergarten:

*Reading- We will be working on sounding like a teacher when reading. Some of the students are reading words and some are reading pictures. Both are very beneficial. The importance of reading the pictures helps students to decode words using context clues.

*Writing- The students are working on stretching out words to write about something they know about. We also started adding more to our stories through adding details. Please continue to work on identifying letters and sounds at home if your child has not mastered this skill.

*Phonics-Students will focus on studying their own name. They will identify the vowels in their names and unique aspects of their own name. They will also focus on being able to use their muscles to write their letters quickly.

*Handwriting- The students continue to work on their handwriting daily. This week we will focus on spacing our words while writing.

*Math- The students will be working on counting to 100 by skip counting by both 5’s and 10’s. Also the students will discuss which month each student has their birthday creating a graph of birthdays.

*Science- Our Theme will be Farms. We will conclude our farm unit this week.

*Religion- This weeks theme will be Jesus Welcomes the Children.

*Homework- Please continue to work on your nightly homework. Also students each have individual work of either working on letters and sounds or reviewing sight words.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday 9/20: No School (Staff Development)

Week of September 2nd

The students are doing a great job of learning the routines and procedures in kindergarten. In order to instill independence and responsibility in the kindergarten students, please arrive by 7:45. The students will walk up as a class. ONLY parents of pre-kindergarten students are allowed to bring their students to the classroom. Thank for your support with the transition.

This Week in Kindergarten:

*Reading-The students will continue to work on building our reading stamina. Students are doing a great job of noticing letters around them. When driving notice letters and signs with your child. Ask your child if they can decode a word using context clues, i.e. a red octagon sign with S-T-O-P.

*Writing-I am very impressed with the progress kindergarten has made with writing in only a week. Many students are sounding out letters and using inventive spelling.

*Phonics-We will continue to work on initial sounds in words focusing on our classes first names. I will also be introducing vowels. We have begun implementing sight words now referred to as snap words. This weeks words will be I, a, the and and. Please help by reviewing these at home with your child.

*Handwriting- We will continue to work on formation of letters. On Thursday I will give you more information on the correct way to form each letter. In order to increase students fine motor skills it is very important for students to master using scissors. Please practice this skill at home.

*Math- This week we will work on one to one correspondence. We will continue to work on calendar routines, counting by ones and skip counting and much more

*Science- Our Theme will be Farms

*Homework-Coming this week! Don’t forget to check your child’s folder every night.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 9/5: Back to School Night

Sunday 9/8: 10:00 am Family Mass and Grandparents Day following in the school cafeteria

Friday 9/20: No School (Staff Development)

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to my  Kindergarten Blog.

We had a wonderful time last week. The students did a great job of making new friends, learning the school routines and having fun doing it.

This Week in Kindergarten:

*Reading-The students will work on learning to love to read. We will be tracking our stamina, trying to decode by looking at the books pictures and so much more!

*Writing-Our writing unit begins with learning shapes to create pictures with details. The students are encouraged to write any letter or word which corresponds to their picture.

*Phonics-We will be working on initial sounds in words focusing on our classes first names.

*Handwriting- The students will work on pencil holding as well as creating both vertical and horizontal lines.

*Math- This week we will continue to play math games and work on math routines. We will also work on writing our numbers 1-10.

*Science- Our Theme will be Farms

Important Upcoming Dates:

Monday 9/2: No School

Thursday 9/5: Back to School Night

Sunday 9/8: Family Mass and Grandparents Day (more information to come)

Kindergarten Specials Schedule:

Monday- Mandarin, Music and Library

Tuesday- Gym


Thursday- Art and Gym

Friday- Mandarin and Music

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. lyoung@ststanschicago.org or you can dojo me


Week of 3/4/19

Next week we have Aspire Testing and Student Led Conferences!! We will continue to review skills across subjects as well as dig deeper into the skills we have already covered. The students are very prepared to succeed on testing this week; they have all set goals for themselves and I have set individual goals for each student.  At home, if you could prepare your student by making sure they get a good night sleep and eat a hearty breakfast. Also it is extremely important that your child arrives on time to school to start off our morning, refreshed and ready to learn. I will also allow the students to take a snack break before testing. Please send a healthy snack for your child.

Monday-Reading Aspire testing at 9:00 am

Tuesday- Math Aspire testing at 9:00 am,

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:15 and English Aspire testing at 9:30

Thursday- Science Aspire Testing at 9:00 am and Student Led Conference from 3:30-5:30. Please sign up on the sign up genius sent out by Mrs. Alday, https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090848abac2ea2fb6-student2.  If we have 100% participation for conferences, our class will receive an out-of-uniform/crazy hair day.  For all new parents to St. Stan’s, Student Led Conferences are similar to the conferences we had in the Spring but are led by the students.  I will be in the classroom but the goal is to have the student be the leader. The students have been working hard preparing beautiful binders of their work to share with you all.

Friday- 11:15 dismissal and no aftercare. We have being reading the book “Bridges to Terabithia” as a read aloud. We will finish the book this week and will watch the movie in class on Friday. The students will enjoy the left over goodies from the Valentine’s Day party of chips and juice during the movie.

Lastly, in science we are beginning a unit on Weather this week. For the culminating activity for the unit, each student will draw a picture to submit to Channel 7’s Weather Sketcher Club. If you do not want your child’s name and school submitted to the news channel, please let me know.  If they are chosen their picture, name and school could be shown on television!

Week of 2/25/19

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Bid, Love, Laugh night!  This week will be packed with some great and fun learning activities.

Writing: In writing this week, we are working on writing a powerful conclusion to our narratives.  Also, we will be doing peer editing.  The students’ final narrative will be sent home to type and return.

Reading: In our reading unit this week we will be discussing inferences and how to think deeper.  We will discuss what the character is thinking and discuss predictions.  Also, the students will bring home a login for razkids, a great online reading program. I have assigned each student a reading passage based on their reading level.

Math: We will continue working through Chapter 5, our daily math message, multiplication Monday, and multi-digit addition and subtraction. We will also review for a math unit test on Thursday; for additional review please work on xtramath.org. The students can use my email, lyoung@ststanschicago.org, and their pin to login. If you need another copy of your child’s pin please let me know.

Social Studies: We will be working on reading maps and charts.

Religion: We are discussing the parts of the Liturgy. Also 3rd grade will be leading two more Masses this year 3/3 (family Mass) and 5/31(school Mass).

Testing schedule:

Wednesday: Multi-digit addition/subtraction

Thursday: Math Chapter 5 Test

Friday: Religion Chapter 10 Test

Important Dates:

2/25: Testing folders will be going home. Please return math corrections by Wednesday 2/27

3/4: Aspire Interim III testing

3/21: Learn, Lead, Love Night

Important Information:

*To prepare for the upcoming Aspire Testing, every student in 3rd-8th will be setting goals for themselves to achieve benchmark or above on Interim III testing. The students have begun creating their goals this past Friday. The goal sheets will go home tomorrow in the students testing folders. Mrs. Alday has asked for each parent to sign and return the form by Tuesday.

Please reach out with any questions!


The week of 2/19/19

We have a very exciting full week coming up!

Writing: The students are doing a great job typing their narratives in technology class.  Hopefully we will have them printed soon. In our writing unit  this week, we are expanding our writing using various adjectives and adverbs.  We do daily writing and the students are asked to finish any writing pieces at home if they did not in class.

Reading: In our reading unit this week, we are digging into various works to better understand both the main idea and details of various passages. Ask your student at home the main idea when reading each night.

Math: We will continue to work on fractions, our daily math message, multiplication Monday, and multi-digit addition and subtraction. Additionally, this week our main focus will be finding the missing factors and multiplication factors. I have also introduced the students to a variety of math games. Ask your student to teach you! I also encourage your students to work on xtra math or prodigy independently.

Science: We have finished our projects and they will be in the cafeteria.

Social Studies: For Black History Month, we are learning about influential African Americans. This week we will be discussing various influential African American musicians.

Religion: We will be working on preparing to lead the Mass on Friday.  If your child has a reading part in the Mass, they brought it home today. If they were absent today, they will bring it home tomorrow.

Testing schedule:

Wednesday: Multi-digit addition/subtraction

Friday: Adjective/Adverb test

Important Dates:

2/21: Choir Field Trip to Radio Maria

3/4: Aspire Interim III testing

3/21: Learn, Lead, Love Night

Tardy Arrivals

Many students have been arriving to school late recently. The bell rings at 7:45 and I pick up the students promptly and head upstairs. The expectation is that students are in their classrooms ready to learn before 8:00. Many students have not been arriving to their lockers until about 8:10. I know that seems like just a couple minutes difference. However, we begin specials classes at 8:15 so every minute in the morning counts.When students arrive, they need to unpack their backpacks, put their materials away, complete morning work, and listen to announcements.  We then start a short morning meeting before we walk to specials classes. We need as much time as possilbe to complete these tasks. Unfortunately, with many students tardy, we have not been able to have regular morning meetings. This is such an important time for students to connect and build an understanding of their day. Please work with your child to arrive to school on time so they can be a part of this special time in our day.

Below are some suggestions I have provided your children with to help them arrive at school on time. Please feel free to encourage any of these routines as fit your family needs:

  • Pack lunch the night before
  • Pack backpack the night before
  • Layout uniform the night before
  • Set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier
  • If you are up early and do other activities before school such as reading or drawing, set a timer for these activities

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

The week of 2/11/19

This week we have a full of week of fun learning.

Writing: We will continue to to work on narrative writing. Our focus will be on making our writing powerful and revising our work. I will assign typing homework three nights a week for 10 minutes each night. If you aren’t able to complete the work each night, you can do all 30 minutes in one night.

Reading: We will begin reading non-fiction.  Our first objective is to learn how to rev up our mind for non-fiction rather than getting lost in a book as we did in fiction.  Also our biggest focus this week will be understanding the main idea and details as we read.

Math: We will continue to work on fractions, our daily math message, multiplication Monday, and multi-digit addition and subtraction. If a student receives three perfect scores on the weekly addition and subtraction test, they will begin doing weekly multiplication and division test.

Science: We will finish up our last group project presentation tomorrow on the Rain Forest. The posters will be displayed for the next week in the cafeteria, please stop by and see them when you drop off or pick up your child.

Social Studies: For Black History Month, we are learning about influential African Americans. Last week we learned about Jackie Robinson and this week we will be discussing Ruby Bridges.

Religion: We will be starting a new unit tomorrow “The Church is Catholic”

Testing schedule:

Wednesday: Multi-digit addition/subtraction

Friday: Simple Solutions Grammar Quiz and Religion Test

Important Dates:

2/14: Class Valentine’s Party 2:15

2/18: No School President’s day

3/4: Aspire Interim III testing

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Rain Forest Science Project

The students have begun working on a group science project.  They will be planning a fictional  trip to the Monteverde Rainforest. Each group member, 3 in a group,  has one page of questions they will need to research at home.  On Monday 2/4, each group member will bring completed questions back to school. I have also encouraged the students to bring pictures of the Monteverde Rainforest.  As a group the students will decorate a poster, which I will provide. On Tuesday they will present their project to the class.  The project is to learn about the Rainforest as well as  how to work together with different classmates. The groups were randomly chosen out of a hat. I have attached the assignment and the questions. If you students did not receive their questions because they were not in school this week, I will work with them on Monday to get it completed. The assignment is below and each student has their own questions. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

A Trip to the Monteverde Rainforest

Imagine that your school district is offering an amazing opportunity next summer for students interested in rainforest habitats. This year, the district is sending students to the Monteverde Rainforest in Costa Rica.  A group of teachers, parents, and students are taking part in an educational 5-day tour of the Monteverde Rainforest.

As one of the participating students, you have been asked to prepare an information packet about what safety precautions to take during the trip. It is to include information on how to prepare for the trip, the conditions one might encounter on the trip, tips for staying healthy while traveling, and any animal or plant precautions you have to consider while visiting. The packet will be presented in an informational meeting to teachers and parents.

Use the Internet, textbook, and/or library resources to find out about the area you will travel. You want to make sure you present information in a way that is clear, factual, and entertaining.

Guiding Questions

Read about travel to the Monteverde Rain Forest:

-Will you need a passport?

-What part of the world is the Monteverde Rain Forest in?

-What kind of accommodations (for sleeping/eating) will you find in

the near the Monteverde Rain Forest?

-What will the weather be like when it is summer?

Find out if you should take any precautions:

-What do you need to bring on your trip to stay safe?

-Are there any dangerous animals/plants in this habitat you should

warn others about?

-What problems might someone on the trip run into? What advice

would you give them to prepare for these situations?

-Make a list of do’s and don’ts that describe at least four behaviors

that would keep you safe in this rain forest habitat.

Thinking of What to look out For:

-What are a few things that are special about the Monteverde Rain


-What animals are special to this habitat? Why is this a good home

for them?

-What plants are special to this habitat? Why is this a good home for



-What photos can you find that represent the Monteverde Rain Forest

Catholic Schools Week Schedule

 CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK 2019 SUNDAY, JANUARY 27TH: Celebrating Your Parish 

  • • FAMILY MASS & Presentation of Confirmation Candidates– 10:00 AM 
  • • OPEN HOUSE- 11:30-1:00 PM 
  • o Visit your child’s 2019-2020 classroom 
  • o Penny Wars begin 
  • o 12:30 PM- State of the School Address 
  • o 2019-2020 Registration 
MONDAY, JANUARY 28th: Celebrating the Nation 

  • • TGIM 
  • • Wear red, white, and blue 
  • • Assembly featuring Government leaders: Secretary of State Jesse White 9:30, Alderman Waguespack 9:45, Alderman Hopkins 10:00, Joe Berrios 10:15, Toni Berrios 10:30 
  • • Mountain Terrain project with Mrs. Randall 
TUESDAY, JANUARY 29TH: Celebrating Vocations 

  • • PreK-4th make cards for Fr. Anthony 
  • • Feed My Starving Children 5th – 8th 
WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30TH: Celebrating Your Students 

  • • Pajama Day 
  • • Eat lunch with friends 
  • • No homework/tests 
  • • Meet with Faith Buddies 
THURSDAY, JANUARY 31ST: Celebrating Your Community 

  • • Dress down in athletic/play wear 
  • • Jump Rope for Heart 
  • • Write to Big Shoulders (6th-8th), Empower Illinois (2nd-5th), and community donors (PK-1st) to thank them for supporting Catholic Schools. 
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST: Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers 

  • • Staff appreciation lunch and dress down 
  • • Students write notes to teachers and staff 
  • • Teachers vs. Student Volleyball game at 1:45 
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND: Celebrating Families 

  • • Share a prayer for families and write about your family time together this weekend. 
  • • Art coloring contest 

Welcome to the 3rd grade Blog!

This week in 3rd grade…..

Math:  Yesterday the students took their Unit 4 Math test and started a new unit today, FRACTIONS!!!  We will also continue to have weekly test on multi-digit addition/subtraction. I also encourage your students to continue to work independently on  https://xtramath.org and https://www.prodigygame.com (please let me know if you need another copy of your login).

Language Arts:  We are working on identifying the components of narrative writing with daily writing prompts. Also, we’re learning to identify specific details from the story based on predictions. Lastly, they are working on how to understand and revise writing by studying other authors. I will send home the students typing login later this week.  The students will work on this independently at home https://st-stanislaus-kostka.typingclub.com.   

Reading:  The students are currently being reassessed and will be assigned a new reading level. Furthermore, they are learning how to best retell a story to better be able to write their own story.  We also began a new class read aloud, “Bridges of Terabithia”.  

Social Studies:  We are learning about different communities.  More specifically we discussed understanding money choices and budgets, farm communities.  The students will have an open book test on Friday.

Science: Next week we will begin a unit on Rain Forest as part of our service learning project.

Miscellaneous:  As you all know, the third grade classroom has beautiful windows with a great view.  However these great windows are very drafty.  We have checked the heating system and everything is working properly, it is simply a draft.  Please send your students to school with an extra layer during these extra cold days.  The students brought home both their progress report and Aspire scores and their Thursday Folder.  The Aspire scores will be added to the students leadership binders. If you would like an additional copy, please send me a message.

Important dates:

Friday 1/25- Movie Night

Sunday 1/27- First day of Catholic Schools Week! Family Mass and Open House.

Thursday 1/31-Monday 2/4- Mrs. Young will be at a conference out of the building.  I will leave the substitute with lesson plans.  You can also reach me at anytime through email, lyoung@ststanschicago.org or dojo.