The students have begun working on a group science project.  They will be planning a fictional  trip to the Monteverde Rainforest. Each group member, 3 in a group,  has one page of questions they will need to research at home.  On Monday 2/4, each group member will bring completed questions back to school. I have also encouraged the students to bring pictures of the Monteverde Rainforest.  As a group the students will decorate a poster, which I will provide. On Tuesday they will present their project to the class.  The project is to learn about the Rainforest as well as  how to work together with different classmates. The groups were randomly chosen out of a hat. I have attached the assignment and the questions. If you students did not receive their questions because they were not in school this week, I will work with them on Monday to get it completed. The assignment is below and each student has their own questions. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

A Trip to the Monteverde Rainforest

Imagine that your school district is offering an amazing opportunity next summer for students interested in rainforest habitats. This year, the district is sending students to the Monteverde Rainforest in Costa Rica.  A group of teachers, parents, and students are taking part in an educational 5-day tour of the Monteverde Rainforest.

As one of the participating students, you have been asked to prepare an information packet about what safety precautions to take during the trip. It is to include information on how to prepare for the trip, the conditions one might encounter on the trip, tips for staying healthy while traveling, and any animal or plant precautions you have to consider while visiting. The packet will be presented in an informational meeting to teachers and parents.

Use the Internet, textbook, and/or library resources to find out about the area you will travel. You want to make sure you present information in a way that is clear, factual, and entertaining.

Guiding Questions

Read about travel to the Monteverde Rain Forest:

-Will you need a passport?

-What part of the world is the Monteverde Rain Forest in?

-What kind of accommodations (for sleeping/eating) will you find in

the near the Monteverde Rain Forest?

-What will the weather be like when it is summer?

Find out if you should take any precautions:

-What do you need to bring on your trip to stay safe?

-Are there any dangerous animals/plants in this habitat you should

warn others about?

-What problems might someone on the trip run into? What advice

would you give them to prepare for these situations?

-Make a list of do’s and don’ts that describe at least four behaviors

that would keep you safe in this rain forest habitat.

Thinking of What to look out For:

-What are a few things that are special about the Monteverde Rain


-What animals are special to this habitat? Why is this a good home

for them?

-What plants are special to this habitat? Why is this a good home for



-What photos can you find that represent the Monteverde Rain Forest

Rain Forest Science Project

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