We have a very exciting full week coming up!

Writing: The students are doing a great job typing their narratives in technology class.  Hopefully we will have them printed soon. In our writing unit  this week, we are expanding our writing using various adjectives and adverbs.  We do daily writing and the students are asked to finish any writing pieces at home if they did not in class.

Reading: In our reading unit this week, we are digging into various works to better understand both the main idea and details of various passages. Ask your student at home the main idea when reading each night.

Math: We will continue to work on fractions, our daily math message, multiplication Monday, and multi-digit addition and subtraction. Additionally, this week our main focus will be finding the missing factors and multiplication factors. I have also introduced the students to a variety of math games. Ask your student to teach you! I also encourage your students to work on xtra math or prodigy independently.

Science: We have finished our projects and they will be in the cafeteria.

Social Studies: For Black History Month, we are learning about influential African Americans. This week we will be discussing various influential African American musicians.

Religion: We will be working on preparing to lead the Mass on Friday.  If your child has a reading part in the Mass, they brought it home today. If they were absent today, they will bring it home tomorrow.

Testing schedule:

Wednesday: Multi-digit addition/subtraction

Friday: Adjective/Adverb test

Important Dates:

2/21: Choir Field Trip to Radio Maria

3/4: Aspire Interim III testing

3/21: Learn, Lead, Love Night

Tardy Arrivals

Many students have been arriving to school late recently. The bell rings at 7:45 and I pick up the students promptly and head upstairs. The expectation is that students are in their classrooms ready to learn before 8:00. Many students have not been arriving to their lockers until about 8:10. I know that seems like just a couple minutes difference. However, we begin specials classes at 8:15 so every minute in the morning counts.When students arrive, they need to unpack their backpacks, put their materials away, complete morning work, and listen to announcements.  We then start a short morning meeting before we walk to specials classes. We need as much time as possilbe to complete these tasks. Unfortunately, with many students tardy, we have not been able to have regular morning meetings. This is such an important time for students to connect and build an understanding of their day. Please work with your child to arrive to school on time so they can be a part of this special time in our day.

Below are some suggestions I have provided your children with to help them arrive at school on time. Please feel free to encourage any of these routines as fit your family needs:

  • Pack lunch the night before
  • Pack backpack the night before
  • Layout uniform the night before
  • Set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier
  • If you are up early and do other activities before school such as reading or drawing, set a timer for these activities

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

The week of 2/19/19

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