Next week we have Aspire Testing and Student Led Conferences!! We will continue to review skills across subjects as well as dig deeper into the skills we have already covered. The students are very prepared to succeed on testing this week; they have all set goals for themselves and I have set individual goals for each student.  At home, if you could prepare your student by making sure they get a good night sleep and eat a hearty breakfast. Also it is extremely important that your child arrives on time to school to start off our morning, refreshed and ready to learn. I will also allow the students to take a snack break before testing. Please send a healthy snack for your child.

Monday-Reading Aspire testing at 9:00 am

Tuesday- Math Aspire testing at 9:00 am,

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:15 and English Aspire testing at 9:30

Thursday- Science Aspire Testing at 9:00 am and Student Led Conference from 3:30-5:30. Please sign up on the sign up genius sent out by Mrs. Alday,  If we have 100% participation for conferences, our class will receive an out-of-uniform/crazy hair day.  For all new parents to St. Stan’s, Student Led Conferences are similar to the conferences we had in the Spring but are led by the students.  I will be in the classroom but the goal is to have the student be the leader. The students have been working hard preparing beautiful binders of their work to share with you all.

Friday- 11:15 dismissal and no aftercare. We have being reading the book “Bridges to Terabithia” as a read aloud. We will finish the book this week and will watch the movie in class on Friday. The students will enjoy the left over goodies from the Valentine’s Day party of chips and juice during the movie.

Lastly, in science we are beginning a unit on Weather this week. For the culminating activity for the unit, each student will draw a picture to submit to Channel 7’s Weather Sketcher Club. If you do not want your child’s name and school submitted to the news channel, please let me know.  If they are chosen their picture, name and school could be shown on television!

Week of 3/4/19

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