Thank you to everyone for attending Back to School Night. If you have any questions please reach out.

This Week in Kindergarten:

*Reading- We will be working on sounding like a teacher when reading. Some of the students are reading words and some are reading pictures. Both are very beneficial. The importance of reading the pictures helps students to decode words using context clues.

*Writing- The students are working on stretching out words to write about something they know about. We also started adding more to our stories through adding details. Please continue to work on identifying letters and sounds at home if your child has not mastered this skill.

*Phonics-Students will focus on studying their own name. They will identify the vowels in their names and unique aspects of their own name. They will also focus on being able to use their muscles to write their letters quickly.

*Handwriting- The students continue to work on their handwriting daily. This week we will focus on spacing our words while writing.

*Math- The students will be working on counting to 100 by skip counting by both 5’s and 10’s. Also the students will discuss which month each student has their birthday creating a graph of birthdays.

*Science- Our Theme will be Farms. We will conclude our farm unit this week.

*Religion- This weeks theme will be Jesus Welcomes the Children.

*Homework- Please continue to work on your nightly homework. Also students each have individual work of either working on letters and sounds or reviewing sight words.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday 9/20: No School (Staff Development)

Week of September 9th

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