I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend. We have so many fun and engaging activities this week.

This Week in Kindergarten:

*Reading- Our goal this week is to make the pictures match the words we are reading. The students are tested weekly on their reading sight words or identifying letters/sounds. Therefore each student is sent home with different books each night. Please remember to send the books and the bag back to school each day.

*Writing- The students are amazing me with their eagerness to learn about writing and expand on what they write each day. We have been focusing on labeling our pictures and adding a sentence to each picture. Please continue to work on identifying letters and sounds at home if your child has not mastered this skill.

*Phonics-Students will begin learning words by heart and create a list of snap words. They will also continue on identifying initial sounds of words.

*Handwriting- The students continue to work on their handwriting daily. This week we will continue to focus on spacing our words while writing.

*Math- We will continue to review shapes, patterns and counting. We will also introduce addition and subtraction.

*Science- Our Theme will be Apples. We will graph our favorite apples, how to make applesauce, read a variety of books about apples and so much more!

*Religion- This weeks theme will be God is World.

*Homework- Please continue to work on your nightly homework. Also students each have individual work of either working on letters and sounds or reviewing sight words. 

Important Upcoming Dates:

Friday 9/27: Picture Day

Monday 10/14: No School Columbus Day

Sunday 10/20: Family Mass

Week of September 22nd

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