Week of October 14th

Reading: This week in reading we are focusing on picking out key information in our non-fiction books. We are also continuing on re-reading to smooth out our voices and notice more about what we are reading. When we read something for the first time, our voices can be choppy which takes away from what we can learn. By re-reading and smoothing out our voices, we can learn even more from our books!

Writing: In writing we are moving forward with writing teaching books. our main focus will be on being brave when trying to spell difficult words, rereading what we have written to make sure it makes sense, and setting writing goals for ourselves.

Phonics: In phonics we are going to begin studying other words, not just names, very closely. We will learn that they ways in which we study a name are the same ways in which we study words!

Math: For math students are still using counting and addition strategies. This week we will be exploring different ways in which we can use those strategies. For example, students will be counting a large number of objects that will require them to think about how they will make sure thy count all of the objects without missing any.

What is the most effective way to count all the pennies in the jar?

Religion: Students rocked our Chapter 2 religion assessment last week! This week we will continue to understand that when we listen to the Scripture readings at Mass we are listening to God’s word.

Science: For science this week, we will be revisiting and exploring concepts about light and sound.

Week of October 7th

Reading: We are continuing with our nonfiction reading unit. This week are focus will still be on more strategies for solving tricky words. We will also be working on identifying and thinking about key words in our books.

Writing: Starting this week students will begin to really dive into writing informative pieces. This week will focus primarily on planning out our books before we write them which includes; thinking about a topics, teaching about a topic on our fingers, and sketching across the pages.

Phonics: This week in phonics students will be learning a lot about blends and digraphs. Encourage your students to identify them in the books they are reading, signs when driving home, or even on various products while shopping. They will be excited to show you how many blends and digraphs they can identify!

Examples: Pickles, cheese, dressing

Math: Unit 2 in math will be coming to a close. We will spend Monday reviewing. The unit test will then take place over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Beginning on Thursday we will begin getting into Unit 3 of math in which students continue to learn and apply different models to solve number stories.

Religion: Students will be taking their Chapter 2 test on Monday, in which we will play a review game before hand to refresh our memories. The rest of the week, students will dive into Chapter 3. The focus of Chapter 3 is on understanding that when we listen to the Scripture readings at Mass we are listening to God’s word.

Week of September 30th

What is happening in…

Reading: In reading we are continuing with our non-fiction unit. Our biggest focus is reading smoothly and with expression as well as using strategies to solve hard words. Encourage your students to pretend they are a reporter or teacher as they read to you as this will help them read with feeling!

Writing: Our stories will be completed this week and added to our classroom library! Pictures will be added to the blog post for September 23rd. We will be moving into writing informational pieces by exploring the similarities and differences between narrative writing and informative writing. The biggest take away is that our writing process stays the same!

Math: We are still going strong in Unit 2 for math. This week students we will be using the skills they have been building to write number sentences.

6 + 4 = 10

Phonics: This week in phonics we will be look at short vowel sounds, blends, and digraphs.

Spelling: This weeks spelling words will all be L-blends. Look for the list in your students folder on Monday! I will also but a digital list on ClassDojo for easy access.

Other News:

This week students personal mission statements will be sent home along with a note that explains why they are being sent home. As students enter the classroom each morning they are to recite their personal mission statements. To help students, their personal mission statements will be sent home for them to practice.

Students will also be coming home with their own prayer books to help practice our prayers at home. A note will also be sent home with the prayer books.

Week of September 23rd

What is happening in…

Reading: We are beginning our second reading unit that focuses on non-fiction text. Encourage your child to share a new fact they learned from their books!

Writing: Students are finishing up their narratives for our first writing unit. By the end of the week your child will be a published author in our classroom and their book will be added to our classroom library for their classmates to read. Pictures to come!

Math: We are continuing with Unit 2 in math, focusing on addition. This will include various math games that allow students to practice addition strategies in an engaging way. It also involves solving number stories and building understanding of how we use them. For example, in one lesson later this week students will discover the importance of using units when solving number stories.

Phonics: Last week we began to get really involved in our phonics lessons. Every morning we come together as a class and study a different name from our class. Included below is a picture of an anchor chart we use.

Spelling: This week, students will have their first official spelling list and quiz. The quiz will take place on the following Monday, September 30th. I will be sending home the list of words. Students will practice reading and writing these words everyday in class. If students are also practicing at home, encourage them to do rainbow writing! They get to use different colors while writing the word several times, its a win-win!