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Reading: We are beginning our second reading unit that focuses on non-fiction text. Encourage your child to share a new fact they learned from their books!

Writing: Students are finishing up their narratives for our first writing unit. By the end of the week your child will be a published author in our classroom and their book will be added to our classroom library for their classmates to read. Pictures to come!

Math: We are continuing with Unit 2 in math, focusing on addition. This will include various math games that allow students to practice addition strategies in an engaging way. It also involves solving number stories and building understanding of how we use them. For example, in one lesson later this week students will discover the importance of using units when solving number stories.

Phonics: Last week we began to get really involved in our phonics lessons. Every morning we come together as a class and study a different name from our class. Included below is a picture of an anchor chart we use.

Spelling: This week, students will have their first official spelling list and quiz. The quiz will take place on the following Monday, September 30th. I will be sending home the list of words. Students will practice reading and writing these words everyday in class. If students are also practicing at home, encourage them to do rainbow writing! They get to use different colors while writing the word several times, its a win-win!

Week of September 23rd

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