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Reading: In reading we are continuing with our non-fiction unit. Our biggest focus is reading smoothly and with expression as well as using strategies to solve hard words. Encourage your students to pretend they are a reporter or teacher as they read to you as this will help them read with feeling!

Writing: Our stories will be completed this week and added to our classroom library! Pictures will be added to the blog post for September 23rd. We will be moving into writing informational pieces by exploring the similarities and differences between narrative writing and informative writing. The biggest take away is that our writing process stays the same!

Math: We are still going strong in Unit 2 for math. This week students we will be using the skills they have been building to write number sentences.

6 + 4 = 10

Phonics: This week in phonics we will be look at short vowel sounds, blends, and digraphs.

Spelling: This weeks spelling words will all be L-blends. Look for the list in your students folder on Monday! I will also but a digital list on ClassDojo for easy access.

Other News:

This week students personal mission statements will be sent home along with a note that explains why they are being sent home. As students enter the classroom each morning they are to recite their personal mission statements. To help students, their personal mission statements will be sent home for them to practice.

Students will also be coming home with their own prayer books to help practice our prayers at home. A note will also be sent home with the prayer books.

Week of September 30th

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