Reading: We are continuing with our nonfiction reading unit. This week are focus will still be on more strategies for solving tricky words. We will also be working on identifying and thinking about key words in our books.

Writing: Starting this week students will begin to really dive into writing informative pieces. This week will focus primarily on planning out our books before we write them which includes; thinking about a topics, teaching about a topic on our fingers, and sketching across the pages.

Phonics: This week in phonics students will be learning a lot about blends and digraphs. Encourage your students to identify them in the books they are reading, signs when driving home, or even on various products while shopping. They will be excited to show you how many blends and digraphs they can identify!

Examples: Pickles, cheese, dressing

Math: Unit 2 in math will be coming to a close. We will spend Monday reviewing. The unit test will then take place over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Beginning on Thursday we will begin getting into Unit 3 of math in which students continue to learn and apply different models to solve number stories.

Religion: Students will be taking their Chapter 2 test on Monday, in which we will play a review game before hand to refresh our memories. The rest of the week, students will dive into Chapter 3. The focus of Chapter 3 is on understanding that when we listen to the Scripture readings at Mass we are listening to God’s word.

Week of October 7th

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