Reading: This week in reading we are focusing on picking out key information in our non-fiction books. We are also continuing on re-reading to smooth out our voices and notice more about what we are reading. When we read something for the first time, our voices can be choppy which takes away from what we can learn. By re-reading and smoothing out our voices, we can learn even more from our books!

Writing: In writing we are moving forward with writing teaching books. our main focus will be on being brave when trying to spell difficult words, rereading what we have written to make sure it makes sense, and setting writing goals for ourselves.

Phonics: In phonics we are going to begin studying other words, not just names, very closely. We will learn that they ways in which we study a name are the same ways in which we study words!

Math: For math students are still using counting and addition strategies. This week we will be exploring different ways in which we can use those strategies. For example, students will be counting a large number of objects that will require them to think about how they will make sure thy count all of the objects without missing any.

What is the most effective way to count all the pennies in the jar?

Religion: Students rocked our Chapter 2 religion assessment last week! This week we will continue to understand that when we listen to the Scripture readings at Mass we are listening to God’s word.

Science: For science this week, we will be revisiting and exploring concepts about light and sound.

Week of October 14th

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