Reading: This week we will be revisiting some of the reading strategies we have been learning. We will work on bringing our stories to life by reading them with an animated voice and work on identifying key words in our books.

Writing: We will be focusing on making our teaching books stronger by creating strong beginnings and endings, as well as using checklists to polish our writing!

Phonics: We recently wrapped up studying names and our now working on studying snap words!

Math: In math we are still working on addition and subtraction strategies with a focus on using a number line and number grid.

Religion: We are stating chapter 4! Chapter 4 focuses on understanding the different ways we praise God. This week we will be working to understand that we can praise God by praying.

Social Studies: Before diving into our first full social studies unit, we are going to be working on some Halloween themed activities in celebration of Halloween.

Week of October 28th

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