Reading: For the next three weeks in reading we are going to take a step back from our reading units. This will give us the opportunity to build and further explore all the reading skills we have been acquiring this year. Our focus for the next few weeks is going to be on reading with partners in different ways, reasons for rereading, and self monitoring as we read.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you read:

  • Does what I am reading sound right?
  • Does what I am reading match the picture?
  • Could I make my voice sound smoother?

Writing: We recently began our next unit in reading which is opinion writing. This week we will be working on an opinion piece that talks about our favorite part about Christmas! When we finish, I will add a picture of our finished bulletin board that will be displaying all of our hard work.

Phonics: This week we are starting our next phonics unit that focuses on silent E. Students will become word detectives as we discover the rules and patterns of the silent E.

Math: In math this week our main focuses will be on representing data using bar graphs. We have collected and analyzed data using tallies. Now we will apply what we know about tallies to making bar graphs. We will also be setting goals for ourselves to begin memorizing addition facts within 10. Students are not yet expected to have them memorized. We are going to set goals and begin working towards them. Encourage your student to practice their facts at home!

Social Studies: As we dive into Trimester 2, we will be switching topics for Social Studies. For the next few weeks students will be discovering and leaning about the symbols and monuments that are most important and iconic in the United States.

Religion: Students are wrapping up in Chapter 5 of religion, which focused on understanding that God created all things and that he wants us to care for all things.

Week of December 2nd

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