Dear PK Families,

We had an allergen incident occur Friday, October 26 at our school.  A student had a severe allergic reaction due to a nut allergy.

St. Stan’s pre-kindergarten classrooms are nut free zones.  We are asking families to be more vigilant in helping teachers and staff keep our school safe for all our students.

From our 2018-2019 Parent Student Handbook:

St. Stan’s recognizes that food allergies are a growing concern in American society.  Faculty, staff and administration also realize that any food could cause a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction, and not all children experiencing anaphylaxis have been previously diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy.  The health, safety, and inclusion of all children is important.

Avoiding food-allergic reactions requires the committed efforts of parents, students, teachers and administration.  While it is impossible to guarantee an allergen-free environment, St. Stan’s policy provides a framework for partnering with all families to build a safe, loving, and supportive environment for children suffering from life-threatening food allergies and their classmates.

The following are some tips to help us keep our school environment healthy for all our students:

  • Review our snack policy found in the Early Childhood 2018-2019 Handbook.

  • If your child eats food containing possible allergens (such as tree nuts, eggs, peanuts) prior to school, students must wash hands and brush teeth before coming to class.

  • For those bringing lunch from home, please do not pack treats/candy or snacks that directly contain peanut butter, nuts, and/or tree nuts.

  • Be sure to share this information with all your child’s caregivers.

Thank you for your help in keeping St. Stans a safe and healthy place!


Mrs. Walsh

Mrs. Hunter

Ms. Galan

Allergies: Important!!

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