We had such a great time at the zoo last Thursday. We hope you enjoyed seeing all the great pictures from our trip. Last week, we read lots of stories that related to Hispanic Heritage Month. While we will continue to read books about Latinx culture and books by Latinx authors and illustrators, we will be focusing this week on an apple theme. We’ve got some great apple activities coming up to learn from.

Here is what we are up to for the week.

Everyday Math: We are learning how to sort items into groups by 1 attribute. We will be looking at apples and deciding how to sort them into 2 groups (red apples and not red apples). We will also be working on one to one correspondence (associating 1 number to one object while counting) by playing a Cover All game. We will be rolling dice, counting the dots, and using counters to cover that many apples. It is going to be fun!

Religion: We are learning more about the physical space of Church. We will talk about the altar, crucifix, church bells, pews, etc. We will even visit St. Stans Church to see the Church up close.

Leader in Me: We are still learning about Habit 1. This week we are reviewing what it means to take initiative and we will draw a picture of how we can take initiative at home or in school.

Handwriting Without Tears & Jolly Phonics:  We are working on our fine motor control by creating small, controlled scribbles, and by tracing lines and squiggles. We are also reviewing colors and practicing proper hand grip.

Reader’s Workshop: We are becoming readers by exploring illustrations for special treasures that we see. We will do this activity first as a whole class with 1 book, then partner up and find our own treasures in different books to share with the class. This helps us to examine illustrations which can help us understand what is happening in the story even if we can’t read the words.

Writer’s Workshop: We are continuing to work on the special treasures we find in storybooks. We will draw a story of a treasure we found during Readers Workshop this week.

Second Step:  This week is all about asking for what we need or want. We will learn to ask politely and with respectful voices. We will read My Truck is Stuck! which is about asking for help.

Science: We will be conducting an investigation into apples by using our senses. We will examine the outside and inside of an apple and learn the different parts of the apple. We will also learn to record predictions and findings during an experiment where we weigh apples.

Social Studies: We will be learning all about Johnny Appleseed and how he tried to make his community a better place for people to live.

This week’s books are: My Truck is Stuck, Apples, Fall Apples: Crisp and Juicy, The Apple Orchard Riddle, The Biggest Apple Ever, Apple, Johnny Appleseed.

This week’s songs are:

The Apple Tree (Mulberry Bush)

Here we go round the apple tree, the apple tree, the apple tree

Here we go round the apple tree on a cool and sunny morning

This is the way we climb the tree, climb the tree, climb the tree

This is the way we climb the tree on a cool and sunny morning

This is the way we pick the fruit, pick the fruit, pick the fruit

This is the way we pick the fruit on a cool and sunny morning

Apples Up on Top (Up on the Housetop)

Up in the treetop, way up high

Three red apples for my pie

How will I get them to the ground?

I’ll shake that tree ’til they fall down!

Shake shake shake

Watch them fall

Into my basket

One, Two, Three

No more apples on the tree

Apple Colors (Three Blind Mice)

Red yellow green

Red yellow green

growing on trees

growing on trees

sweet and crunchy

and good for you

they grow on trees

in three colors; it’s true!

Do you like apples?

Yes, I really do

in red yellow and green

What’s Happening This Week 9/23 – 9/27

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